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Vibration testing machine

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Max 2500 kg

Since NET was founded, it has been our goal to be the main deliver of UN-tests in the Nordic aerea. At the beginning of 2018, we took a big step closer when we started with laboratory testing of standard liquid nitric acid, and were complete with consideration to ADR's standard fluid system. Now we are taking another big step, the latest in UN testing and are starting with vibration testing of packaging. The new vibration table is specifically designed for UN testing IBC, but is also made with the specifications needed to perform testing according to other standards such as ISTA testing. This is a new and exciting area for us in NET. The new table is designed to take packaging up to 2500 kg with the frequency requirements this entails. The vibration table delivers a 25mm vertical sinusoidal double amplitude (top-to-top offset).



NET can also solve some of its customers' challenges regarding finished packaging solutions, by using the table to implement transport testing of whole pallets ready for transport and against specific products. The top plate has a size of 152 x 152 cm and is therefore well suited to test most transport solutions.

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