Testing at NET Center, is performed in accredited laboratory (ISO 17025) and according to applicable national and international standards, or by customer's wishes and specifications.

NET has delegated the authority to issue a certificate of approval for the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), rail (RID) and maritime transport (IMDG). Read more about NET, our accreditations and approvals.


Tests of dangerous goods packaging are performed according to ADR and UN specifications.

Packaging testing 

Testing of packaging according to customer specifications and wishes.

Tank testing

Testing of stationary thoughts and septic tanks according to European and international standards.

Pallets testing

Testing of pallets is performed according to international standards.

Fatigue testing

Various types of fatigue tests on packaging as well as other products where impact after use over time has to be documented.


NET performs simple light microscopy on microtominated samples.

Pressure testing

Pressure testing of tools, racks bags and similar.


Child-resistant packaging

Accredited testing and sertifications of child-resistant cap after ISO 8317/2015.



Product testing

Testing of descent kits, tools, waste containers for hospitals etc.

Read more about our test methods.