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Big bet in 2017

When NET passed 10 years of operation almost a year ago, there was a wish, that during a year from then we would be able to put in place a new modern nitric acid lab to honor ourselves and thank our faithful customers.

Plastic and standard liquid testing is a high priority area for NET. Nevertheless, it was chosen not to start up a nitric acid lab when establishing our Test Center in 2011. This was due to heavy corrotion challenges on constructions and equipment, if not done properly.

So, again, we had to build stone by stone. The goal has been to do that with a very high focus on health, safety and environment.
Nitric acid is more or less the foundations of the industry in Telemark, so it was not with an easy heart, we left this to others.

But now we have soon reached step one: ready for launch in January 2018.
Here you can see the lab inside at this stage. Walls and ceilings are covered with acid-resistant plates in L316 steel. The floor is here armed and straightened before it shall be coated with two layers of acid-proof plates; solid and perforated. On top of a good layer of insulation, the building will be coverd in concrete. Choosing these materials it will be as little corrosion and maintenance as possible.

We are looking forward to start a new year after a long Christmas holiday, with a new nitric acid lab, finally up and running!

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not a divided, piecemeal soul.
- Brand (Henrik Ibsen of Telemark)

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