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Meeting in Brussels

On the 9thof April, NET attends a meeting in Brussels to discuss the use of recycled plastic material in so-called "UN packaging". The meeting: "CEN / ISO reactivated Target group Plastics" is arranged at BVI. NET is the only representative from the Nordic countries. Here, the different possibilities and solutions for certification of UN packaging produced wholly or partly by recycled material and the different challenges that arise from this type of production will be discussed.

NET wishes in advance of this meeting input from our customers. If this is of interest to you or your organization please send us an e-mail with your concern/ questions and we will take it with us to the meeting and inform you about the status afterwards.

NET wish to be the first test institute in the Nordic region to obtain certification of UN packaging on the recycled plastic material, which is in correlation with the regulations as defined in ADR. We are already in discussion with raw material suppliers and several of our plastic customers about how this can be solved. The most important thing for NET and the plastic industry is to find an opportunity for using recycled plastic in the dangerous goods segment without compromising on the transport safety.

 The last half of 2019 was characterized by hard pressure on all players in the segment to find a solution to the challenge of improving the environmental footprint for the plastic packaging.

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