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NET welcomes Tehnoplast

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Cooperation makes success

 Tehnoplast is located in Tallin in Estonia. Their main sphere of activities is production of canisters and bottles based on blowmoulding technology and production buckets with handle and lid based on pressmoulding technology.

Natalja Smirnova, CEO, at Tehnoplast, explains that they strive to manufactur good quality plastic bottles and canisters for technical liquids, such as this 25 litre stackable jerrican for dangerous goods tested and type approved at NET. They also perform packagings for food products for the widening market in Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

Rune Fink, at NET, tells that in recent years, NET has focused their activities against the Baltic countries as a part of "the Nordic marked". We feel a responsibility here on the other side of the Baltic Sea when it comes to approvals of UN-packaging, since the Baltic countries do not have their own certification bodies. The competition here is fair and square among our competitors EuroFins, RISE and DTI that together with NET cover the Nordic market today.

Tehnoplast is already known by NET, as they have sevral appendix for Child Resistant Packaging on certificates hold by Modulpac. Now we are pleased to welcome Tehnoplast to "Nordic - DG Packaging Program" with issuing of their certificate : NET120201A

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