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Passing UN-certificate 600 

 Since NET started up in 2007, it has gone from being the smallest testing institute in the world with the authority to certify UN packaging, to becoming the largest in the Nordic region (measured in number of active certificates) with the most modern testing and handling solutions of packaging for dangerous goods. NET currently owns 36% of all active UN certifications in the Nordic countries, and within the field we originally came from, NET now has 52% of all plastic packaging certifications based on the standard liquid system in ADR for the same area. NET has always seen itself as a Nordic company, something the statistics also shows. Today, NET has 76% of its certification in Nordic countries outside of Norway.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the year that has passed. 2018 gave us a record high turnover, much thanks to the new nitric acid test facility. From the doors opened January 12th last year and until New Year's Eve there was 42 ° C at the facility, even through the summer holidays NET was dependent on keeping the temperature up. We also look back at a brilliant exhibition in Gothenburg, Scanpack gave NET new customers who have already helped to make NET a better version of itself. It is through feedback and challenges from our customers that we can reach new heights and we feel privileged to have the best customer base in the Nordic region, which continuously challenges us on solutions and new ways of packaging dangerous goods. Finally, it should be mentioned that NET is experiencing an ever-increasing demand for product testing, which is an exciting area that has great potential both within and outside the borders. Much suggests that 2019 is going to be a brilliant year for NET!

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